Emily McBurney

Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2

Emily was first introduced to CrossFit in early 2013 while working as a certified personal trainer at Gold’s Gym. A fellow CPT/CFL-1 would give her CrossFit workouts to do in the off-hours and she was hooked. After finding a local affiliate to join, she was exposed to what CrossFit was all about and fell in love with the community as well! 

In 2018, she stepped away from CrossFit because life happened but continued to run and lift at a traditional big box gym. When Joe and Emily opened V.I.P. Martial Arts in 2021, they always envisioned a plan to add an additional fitness area in the near future. That opportunity came in 2022, and CrossFit 226 was born! Emily obtained her CFL-1 in 2022 and officially became a CrossFit affiliate, joining the martial arts and CrossFit communities!  In 2023 Emily obtained her CFL-2 and continues to coach our evening classes.